On October 18,2023, the AMEBE team led by its National coordinator, Jean Berchmans Siboniyo,carried out a field visit in Bururi commune at Muzima hill to visit the Tugwizumwimbu cooperative .Over 80 % of members of this cooperative are women beneficiaries of Fighting Gender Based Violence (FIGEBAVER) project, which is funded by the U S Embassy in Burundi.The income- generating activities that they are implementing in their cooperative include farmimg corns,beans and potatoes along with raising cows.
The AMEBE team was thrilled to see how they have been able to build their own office in their locality using their own resources . AMEBE supported them early on with corn seeds and fertilizers .The team encouraged them to keep on working in unity, supporting each other whenever it is needed. The visit was concluded in a joyful environment .
On October 19 ,2023 , the AMEBE team visited Gitega province in Makebuko and Itaba communes .The aim of the visit was to talk with local authorities about how identify the beneficiaries of the FIGEBAVER project .They appreciated the initiative of AMEBE and reassured them of their support.



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