AMEBE recently paid a visit to the” Kiremba Mentorship Club “to check –in with beneficiaries of the “Supporting Young Entrepreneurs “(AJEII) project. The objective of the visit was to follow- through with the final phase of their project, remind the entrepreneurs about reimbursement, and jointly address challenges in closing the project.

The results already achieved are satisfying.
After the harvest of the growing season B which ended in July ,the Mentorship Club already has good plantings for growing season A.On an area of one third of a hectare, they have potatoes which are at the settling stage. They hope to harvest at least 3 tones. These potatoes will be sold for consumption and as planks. In addition, the entrepreneurs have a field of approximately one hectare of corn. A harvest quantity of 2 tones is expected. In order not to hoard income from past seasons, they invested in making bricks .They have a well-baked oven worth 4 million.



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