Thanks to the interest-free credit and training she received from AMEBE, Anitha Ndayishimiye is able to roll up her sleeves and start working towards achieving financial autonomy.

Anitha near her pigsty

This is the second year that Ndayishimiye is collaborating with AMEBE. During the first year, Ndayishimiye received a credit of 500 thousand BIF from AMEBE after a competitive selection process. “I have done everything possible to allocate this sum in different activities,” she testifies, which includes activities in agriculture and livestock. She congratulates herself for having succeeded in her projects and repaying the interest-free credit offered to her by AMEBE in one year.

“We really welcome this initiative of AMEBE, especially that in these days nobody else can give a credit without interest and without mortgage.” Ndayishimiye continues, “In a microfinance or in a bank, the interest is retained in advance.”

A young woman determined to go far.

Following her success in her pig breeding project, AMEBE gave Ndayishimiye a second loan and training on the preparation and execution of projects. For the second financing, she continued to invest in the breeding of pigs. Less than six months into this income-generating activity, Ndayishimiye says she is on a roll. “My project is progressing very well.”

Although Ndayishimiye has studied and graduated with a diploma, nevertheless, she has no complexes in executing her work of raising pigs. “People criticize me, but I do not listen to them. I know that I have to work hard, not to lose.” For Ndayishimiye, what’s most important is that she can make a living. “No question of despising a profession,” says this AMEBE collaborator. She started breeding pigs with two sows and now has more than twenty.

Anitha Ndayishimiye is supported by AMEBE under the project “Supporting Young Entrepreneurs,” a project executed in partnership with Caritas Graz.




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