Epitace Barampiga, a cell phone salesman and repairer, has benefited from the project twice. He says […]
The visit was concluded by Anitha, who is raising pigs in the Ruziba zone  On Friday, […]
This Tuesday, December 20, 2022, AMEBE (Association of Mentors for Business and Entrepreneurship) welcomed Ms. Melanie […]
The project “Fighting against Gender Based Violence and Pandemics through Economic Resilience” (FIGEBAVPER), initiated by AMEBE […]
Family Photo after the training in MISHIHA Commune
The Association of Mentors for Business and Entrepreneurship (AMEBE) believes in investing in and supporting the […]
Not only home chores doers, but also money earners and community leaders Women in  Cankuzo Province […]
January 12, 2022, was a bittersweet day for young entrepreneurs who received loans from the Association […]