Empowering Youths Through Mentorship (EYTM)

Empowering Youths Through Mentorship (EYTM) was the first project carried out by the AMEBE/Mentorship Club Burundi, In 2016-17). The project was supported by the Alumni Association Burundi and the US Embassy Bujumbura. The training was visioning to mentor talented Burundian youths who want to transform their dreams into reality in their lives. The project takes much interest in each individual’s new ideas related to Business and Entrepreneurship, civic leadership, public management, and climate change. 

The project consists of finding talented youths in selected institutions; with ideas related to the domain above cited, orient the ideas, shape them in such a way that the author makes use of them in everyday life to succeed and impact the neighborhood and the whole community.

  • Achieved activities and results

As it was enshrined in the project proposal, the first activity was to identify the institutions whose youths are in more need of life skills. Six different institutions, mainly the universities, have been selected. The latter are: the University of Burundi (Mutanga Campus), ENS, the University of Kiremba(Bururi), the Université de Lumière de Bujumbura, the Université Polytechnique de Gitega (UPG), the Université des Grands Lacs (UGL Bujumbura) and the American Corner Gitega.

18 students have been trained as the representatives of the Mentorship Club and trainers of other students at the selected institutions. It is with great pleasure to announce that the trained students have created branches of the Mentorship Club, recruited and trained all interested students, and implemented the teachings inculcated in them into actions. 

More interestingly, the Université des Grands Lacs Kiremba students have started to make soaps as a result of implementing the business and entrepreneurship training. 

They are committed to provide soaps in all the south of the country and facilitate the population to buy soaps at reasonable prices. Their foremost motivation, they say, is to promote public health and generate money.

At Université Polytechnique de Gitega, some of the members are in the process of creating a trash-recycling startup while others are joining the initiative of those of Kiremba in making soaps in Bugendana commune.

At Université Lumière de Bujumbura, the trained students want to go far with agri-business. They want to grow vegetables and other fast-growing crops to combat malnutrition and generate money while still at the university. They are still looking for productive land nearby to rent, so they can grow the crops in.

At Ecole Normale Supérieure (E.N.S), the trained students want to create a boutique to facilitate students buy all they need at school and generate money.  

In 2017, different conferences in universities and outreaches to high schools have been organized to prepare youths to make use of the knowledge we gave them to create their own jobs instead of waiting on the government.   

In 2019, AMEBE via the “Empowering Youth Through Mentorship project” has trained more than 3,000 individuals and institutions on entrepreneurial education and the accountable leadership driven by baseline principles and values of the Burundian culture such as Ubuntu and fraternity. 

AMEBE is one of the organizations that have taken the lead in sensitizing working in cooperatives and the creation of the latter; especially in Gitega province.

In 2018, AMEBE has trained high professionals of  Fonds National d’Investissement Communal (FONIC) on cooperatives creation, which helped them to enhance some approaches of granting funds to the communes of Burundi. 

Moreover, AMEBE is accompanying women gathered in cooperatives. The women are gathered in cooperatives while others are tailoring fashions.

Women gathered in the Twijukirumwuga cooperative in Cankuzo