Family Photo after the training in MISHIHA Commune

The Association of Mentors for Business and Entrepreneurship (AMEBE) believes in investing in and supporting the strength and capacity of women as a means to build up resilient, peaceful and inclusive societies. However, persistent gender norms and Burundi’s security history continue to present significant challenges for women, consequently leaving many women and their families vulnerable to gender-based violence and poverty.


We at AMEBE are committed to fighting gender-based violence in Burundi by equipping women with the tools to become social entrepreneurs and the skills to grow a collective network with other like-minded women. Through our project, “Fighting Gender-Based Violence and Pandemics through Economic Resilience,” we are leading training sessions across Cankuzo Province within 5 different communes: Cankuzo, Cendajuru, Kigamba, Mishiha, and Gisagara. With support from the U.S. Embassy, through these sessions, we have already begun training and working with over 150 women on how to best identify their community’s needs, and how to leverage available resources to tackle such problems in entrepreneurial ways. The majority of the women are returnees of the refugee camps in Tanzania, jobless high school graduates, and girls who dropped out of school due to unwanted pregnancies.


Women in training in Kigamba Commune


Through contact with these initial 5 communes, we are already seeing the impact that such training has on strengthening the social and economic resilience of women, including many of whom had been victims of gender-based violence. More and more women are starting to become involved with income-generating activities, and many more are also establishing and participating in locally-organized cooperatives specializing in different works, including textile-making, weaving, and across the agricultural value chain, thanks to AMEBE. 


At her worksite


By listening to and working with community needs as identified by women, our training programs are well-positioned to continue reaching and empowering women across Burundi and contribute to the fight to end gender-based violence for all. 


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      • Those women are mothers and they matter in everything!

        Who can support the growth of of community if they are missing?
        Supporting them for to become in someways self independent will help everyone in the rest of society to notice their importance!
        Keep moving forward in such a remarkable initiative that’s far from common!

    • So impressive AMEBE ,keep inspiring more and reach more accordingly by making the better life of our africans society.
      I really appreciate your Work.

  1. A Good job in our country especially in the village with people who leave in bad situation, activities like those help them to produce and consequently to have something to eat while they also have a positive impact on any other services necessary for everyone’s life

    • None can deny that the society needs women to progress because they know how to educate the from the base! It means that if you try to upgrade their knowledge, you are empowering the whole community! They will transfer these skills to their children and the whole community will become full of masters via the Mother’s skills!

      Thanks for AMEBE,
      you deserve a five ⭐
      And I do get mad respect for what you are doing!🤝
      Keep your fire burning 🔋

  2. So impressive AMEBE ,keep inspiring more and reach more accordingly by making the better life of our africans society.
    I really appreciate your Work.

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