What are the best ways to save money ?How do you build up your savings ?Perhaps […]

AMEBE recently visited the beneficiaries of the DSACC-BU project in Mutimbuzi and Kanyosha Communes.The visit aimed […]

During the training sessions organized by AMEBE for beneficiaries of the DSAAC-BU project from Kanyosha and […]
From March 25-27,2024,AMEBE organised a training on concentrated poultry feed in Mutimbuzi commune,Rubirizi zone as part […]

″Never say I remember he gave me BIF 20,000″,announced Irène Inayange warning participants to always write […]

From March 4 to 9 ,AMEBE organised a training on financial management .This training was intended […]

From March 13 to 15 ,2024,AMEBE organised a training sesssion on the transformation of agricultural waste […]

″It is very essential to know yourself before getting started in your business″,Lin Nzokira field officer […]
AMEBE carried out a three –day training in Kanyosha commune,Bujumbura province from January 3 to 5,2024 […]