Sandrine Tuyizere, a young student and seller of electronic money, is gaining more and more customers following the funding she received from AMEBE under the project “Supporting Young Entrepreneurs” (AJE).
“My capital has increased from 500 thousand to 4 million BIF,” says Sandrine Tuyizere, a beneficiary of the AJE project initiated by AMEBE and implemented in partnership with Caritas Graz. According to her, the first interest-free loan that AMEBE gave her allowed her to strengthen her sales of electronic money. She explains, “With a small capital, it was difficult for me to keep my customers.”
Tuyizere points out that without sufficient capital, she often had to turn away customers who came to withdraw money, degrading their trust in her business. However, now that she has enough capital, she says she has been regaining the trust of her clients. “Even if I’m short of money, clients feel like it’s a problem that happened but that I’m able to solve.”
According to Tuyizere, her clients have increased up to 40%. “Before I could only serve 50% of my current clients.” Now, she says she has a steady customer base.
The solvency is reassured
Because she has increased her customers and made a profit, Sandrine Tuyizere has also started a children’s clothing business. “I was working at the market and I saw that there was movement before I started.”
With the two businesses she has undertaken, the young student is now able to finance her education without being totally dependent on her parents. She says she is ready to repay the loan of 2,500,000 BIF, including interest, which AMEBE gave her almost 5 months ago.



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