AMEBE carried out a three –day training in Kanyosha commune,Bujumbura province from January 3 to 5,2024 as part of DSAAC-BU project.This training covered basics of entrepreneurship.On the first day of the training,after the opening remarks by the program manager at AMEBE ,Evariste Ndikumugongo ,the training immediately started on notions of creation and operation of cooperatives .

The second day was honored by the presence of Triphine Safari ,administrator of Kanyosha commune who was delighted by the activities of AMEBE.As a female leader, she was impressed by the presence of women and girls in the beneficiary group.In her speech,she insisted on the involvement of women in development . “If a woman is financially independent, she is resilient to several problems including Gender-based violence. It is truly shameful for a woman to always ask  for money from her husband whenever she wants to do or buy something .”She mentions .”This project fully responds to the Burundian’s government’s environmental policies .It is therefore a pride to see such a project being implemented in our commune.” She added.Triphine ended her speech thanking AMEBE and its partners for choosing Kanyosha commune.She promised collaboration in whatever AMEBE needs to successfully accomplish its mission.

The last day of the training had been a golden opportunity for beneficiaries to show their appreciation of this initiative of AMEBE as they indicated .Eric Manirakiza, a young boy who was present in the training said that AMEBE’s lessons are of a paramount importance in our current life.”We were taught how cooperatives operate,processes to getting a project idea, moving from project idea to project perse ,as well as business plan writing “,Manirakiza reported.”I had for long had a project that I had failed to put into practice due to the lack of these skills we come to learn.Now that I know requirements to implementing a project, I feel more than ready to implement my project soon.”,Florence Girukwishaka confided.” I had missed opportunities,I had  wrongly done some of my income generating activities due to the lack of knowledge of  business plan elaboration.Thanks to this training,I am sure to  successfully implement my upcoming projects.”,Liévin Miburo,another beneficiary of the training said.



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