On October 18,2023, the AMEBE team led by its National coordinator, Jean Berchmans Siboniyo,carried out a […]
Economic resilience serves as a tool for countering gender based violence .That is the belief of […]
As part of the second phase of the project “Fighting Gender Based violence Through Economic Resilience” […]

AMEBE lance un avis d’appel d’offre pour le recrutement d’un responsable suivi-évaluation pour la bonne marche […]
Sandrine Tuyizere is one of the young entrepreneurs supported by AMEBE in partnership with caritas Austria […]
Floride Nshimirimana is a young entrepreneur supported by AMEBE in partnership with Caritas Graz. Her project […]
Francois Ntitebakwumva, a beneficiary of phase 2 of the “supporting young entrepreneurs ” project funded by […]